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Volunteer Week 2016

Posted on Thursday, 28 April 2016

Headway Gippsland's newest volunteer ; Janet De Corrado has written an article for volunteer week which we advertised in the Express and the Warragul Gazette feature.

I have been volunteering with Headway Gippsland for 6 months. I work with the Warragul Social Support Program, we meet up every Friday. The activities enjoyed by the group are many and varied.

I really like the way the group is directed by the interests of the participants. Every one is encouraged to make suggestions on activities and to participate in any discussions.

As a volunteer I have participated in many things I would never have done if I had not been part of the group. I have met many interesting people, wh all have their own amazing stories to tell. It's a funny thing that in giving your time to help others, you actually end up being the beneficiary of many wonderful experiences and friendships. I would recommend volunteering for everyone; you definitely get back more than you give.

As a thankyou to our volunteers a luncheon at the Warragul Country Club on Monday 9th May will be provided to voluntary Board Members and volunteers within the Social Support Programs. Please RSVP by Thursday 5th May to 51277166.


headway 189.jpg

 Janet assisting David from the Warragul Group