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A Day with Oz Animals


It all started with an idea.

“What if we could spend the day with Australian wildlife?”


Our Morwell social support group got talking one day, about things they would like to do over the winter months. One of their ideas was to spend a day with Australian wildlife. So, the group researched… and found a local organisation called Animals of Oz. They bring the animals to you, which was a perfect answer to the underlying question of transport.

Okay… so we found the animals… they can visit us in our homeroom… What about the cost?

The group realised that they would need to fundraise to acquire enough money to make this dream come true.

So, they created a flyer: telling their story and their dreams to meet Animals of Oz. Coordinator Janette and the group then went around town and handed the flyers out to local shops, asking if anyone would like to donate to the cause – even the smallest amount would help!

After they had visited many local shops – Janette saw one more: Nextra Moe – Office Supplies and newsagent.

“This will be the last one for today – you never know.”

They received an email the next day, from Mr Peri Hortis, the owner of Nextra Moe.

“I would love to help out. Please send me an invoice for the total amount for this great cause.”

The group was shocked – the total amount!

Everyone was elated by the generosity and kindness from Mr Hortis. They could now begin planning for the day!

So, Janette booked Animals of Oz straight away – and the office staff called the local newspaper. Peri was invited as a special guest for the day, which was shaping up to be an exciting one.

So, a date was set: Wednesday June 21, at 11am.


Wednesday: Today’s the day!

The group was ready and looking forward to the kinds of animals they would get to meet.

Bridgette came in her cool khaki and carrying a number of crates.

There were reptiles and frogs and an owl – oh my!

A python, a blue tongue lizard, and even a crocodile.

Kaylie, representing Nextra Moe, joined in the fun.

Spud had the python around his shoulders.

Steve got to hold a crocodile.

Drew loved the feeling of the snakeskin.

Tony had the biggest smile the whole time.

The tawny frogmouth was popular with everyone for its soft feathers and wise eyes.

The group’s fearless leader, Janette, even held the python too!

The day was such a special one – and one to be remembered forever. The experience reminded us just how special our Australian wildlife is, and that we should respect and protect them at all costs.


Thank you so very much to Mr Peri Hortis of Nextra Moe for making this day possible, and Kaylie who joined us on the day. Thank you to Wendy who attended on the day and took amazing photos. Thank you to Janette who Coordinated the event, Tina who assisted coordination and every member of the Morwell group for being so brave and enthusiastic.


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