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Local Musician Elizabeth Lynch-Berends



If you have ever been to Jak’s Music shop for Friday Open Mic Night – you may have witnessed the powerful voice and emotive performance of Elizabeth Lynch-Berends.

Elizabeth has been performing at Jak’s for years, and has become an integral part of the music scene in Gippsland. Headway was fortunate to meet with Elizabeth, and talk about her music and her inspiration.
‘As far as musicians are concerned, I started pretty late. I started teaching myself piano when I was 16, and singing. I started VCE in music, at Kurnai, and we did a few shows at the high school. From then I knew I wanted to do it.’

Elizabeth has been dedicated to the craft ever since, and practises daily. ‘I do music all the time.’ She sings, plays piano, the ukulele and even wants to learn guitar!
‘She’s very dedicated,’ says her mum, Rebecca, who is her daughter’s number one fan, and according to Elizabeth, her manager, too!
The two are very close, and see each other every day. ‘I live with my dogs and my cat, but mum visits me every day. We go to the gym together, and the pools.’
Rebecca is also the first to hear Elizabeth’s new songs, of which she has three coming out this year.
‘I’m waiting to hear it!’ says Rebecca enthusiastically, ‘but she doesn’t want to show them to me until they’re done.’
Elizabeth has two main goals this year. ‘I would like to finish my degree in music, and I want to finish another album.’
She studied music in the city, but because of COVID, decided to defer and focus on her health. She is looking forward to getting back into studies.
Elizabeth is also self-taught. ‘I’ve been learning sound production. I teach myself. I plug my keyboard into the computer and can make pop music.’
Writing pop music is more complex because you have to write all the different instruments. Her third album will be showcasing this. ‘So, it’s taking me longer, but it will be good.’
Music has always been part of her life, and always will be. Elizabeth and Rebecca also credit the support of their local community.
‘You’ve had a lot of support from people,’ says Rebecca, ‘and you’ve accepted a lot of support to get where you are – to reach your potential. Everyone in the community has been really kind and helpful, and it’s made it a lot easier. It’s made a big difference.’
You can support young musicians and check out Elizabeth’s music on Spotify! You can also follow her on Facebook for news and events.

How can we see Elizabeth perform?
Come down to Jak’s Music on the first Friday of every month, for Open Mic Night. Entry is free, and it’s a great place to relax, enjoy and support local talent.

What kind of music do you play?
‘I like to play my own songs and I like to play really popular songs everyone knows, so everyone’s happy,’ says Elizabeth, ‘I [also] like 80s and 90s music.’

What’s your secret to butterflies or nerves on stage?
‘It comes and goes,’ she says, ‘I just have to try and focus and not think about it. I practise a lot so I know I’ll be alright. Or I put a song that’s not very hard at the start,’ she laughs.

What’s your advice for someone in a similar position?
‘Just do it! Make time for it. It’s never too late to start, but if you do it a lot, you’ll get really good at it.’

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