Headway Gippsland Inc.

Office staff survey

We would love to hear from you

Your feedback is hugely important to us as we progress as an organisation.

We are looking to make Headway more competitive and continue to offer the highest quality services to our participants.

A huge part of that is listening to our staff for any ideas on where we should be heading. But also, we are keen to know how we can make work better for you and support you in your working life.

It is an anonymous survey, so please don’t hold back your feedback.

The more information you can give us the better. It will help us bring in the right kind of changes.

There are two parts to this survey…

  1. How can we improve as an organisation
  2. Working at Headway

Please fill out each section and click Send at the bottom of each form.

Part 1

How can we improve as an organisation?

Part 2

Working at Headway

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