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Who has the cutest pet at Headway Gippsland?

These are the much-loved companions of our staff.

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This is Molley.

  • she sadly passed away last year


This is Pickles.

  • favourite past-time is a good brush
  • known to collect humans – was once found in the neighbour’s window


This is Pepper.

  • loves a game more than food
  • transforms from sheep dog to glamour dog when groomed


This is Arnold.

  • 11 year old pug
  • loves caravan trips


This is Daisy and Rocky.

  • Daisy is a kind-hearted beautiful doggo
  • Rocky is cheeky and very naughty


This is Diesel.

  • loves going on holidays
  • happy to be smothered by a 2 year old and
    5 year old


This is Merle.

  • great study buddy
  • known to appear in Zoom classes


This is Molly.

  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Debra’s walking buddy

Michael and Hilton

This is Lucky.

  • likes to scare the dogs
  • has a good right punch, that is why Lucky’s nickname is Rocky


This is Turbo.

  • enjoys all things engines
  • is always first to jump in ready to go


This is Marlee.

  • loves to be the centre of attention
  • loves a puppachino

Lisa K

This is Lily, Lola, Barbara and Betty.

  • all LOVE food, any food, particularly donuts
  • very affectionate, mostly when food is on offer


This is Willow.

  • surfer girl
  • best friend to Wilfred

Emer and Amber

This is Lucky.

  • not afraid of dogs
  • a very cuddly cat


This is Max.

  • always ready to greet you with a smile
  • will take any opportunity to jump and lick you in the face


This is Jade.

  • very cuddly and loves strawberry jam
  • is in love with fellow donkey Jake


This is Maisey.

  • found at 10 weeks old sleeping under the hood of Ben’s car, next to the engine
  • new nickname is Big Fat Fish


This is Buddy.

  • a happy friendly dog who loves all people
  • loves walks and trips to the park


This is Leo.

  • an absolute gun
  • part of his brain did not develop before birth so he has a pretty cool walk
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