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Grant’s Story


Grant Prestt is a jovial man, with a sharp sense of humour and a life jam-packed with experiences. Being the life of the party, patriarch of his family, and having an unrelenting strength about him, you’d never believe the struggles he has faced.

In 2016, Grant had an aneurism which resulted in a brain injury. Ever since, he has been searching for a forever home where he can be supported to live independently, and to just get on with things.

His dream finally came true this year. We visited Grant in his spacious but cosy home in Clyde North, where we found him on the deck, basking in the autumn sunlight. He moved to his new home after living in aged care that was unable to align with his needs or wishes. But now, he has wonderful people around him all the time, who run a tight ship and provide unwavering care.

Grant’s sister, Donnalee, has been integral to the whole process. She and Headway’s own Senior Support Coordinator Lisa Kuhne joined forces and pushed tirelessly to get Grant where he is today. “It was a very long and difficult process,” says Lisa, “But we got there in the end. Donnalee has been incredible, she is so strong.”

It is clear that strength and resilience runs in the family, as the lengthy travel to Clyde North was not easy for Grant. But he’s so glad to be where he is now, and has really turned his space into a home. Pictures of his family and friends and canine companions adorn the walls, and a curated selection of comedies sit on his shelves.

When asked what his favourite things in the world are, Grant says, without hesitation “My family, the footy, and fishing. But my family is everything.” Grant loves his daughters and grandchildren, and hopes for their lives to be happy as he cannot be with them as often as he once did, raising them as a single father.

Grant is much happier in his new home. There is a café down the road and a park within walking distance. When asked what his favourite part about his new place was, Grant thought for a moment, and then said “the peace.” He is a man who can now enjoy peace and live life how he chooses.

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